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Pale-fronted Nigrita

Nigrita luteifrons

The Pale-fronted Negrofinch (Nigrita luteifronsan) is a common species of estrildid finch found in Africa. It has an estimated global extent of occurrence of 2,500,000 km². It is found in Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo,


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Class: Aves: Order: Passeriformes: Family: Estrildidae: Genus: Nigrita: Species: N. luteifrons: Binomial name; Nigrita luteifrons Verreaux & Verreaux, 1851

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Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch, Nigrita bicolor; Pale-fronted Negrofinch, Nigrita luteifrons; Grey-headed Negrofinch, Nigrita canicapillus; References

.:: Okomu National Park, Edo State - .:: Intro Page
Nigrita fusconotus. Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch. Nigrita bicolor. Pale-fronted Negrofinch. Nigrita luteifrons. Western Bluebill. Spermophaga haematina

Estrildidae - waxbills, zebra finches, fire finches, parrot ...
Gray-headed Negrofinch - Nigrita canicapillus White-breasted Negrofinch - Nigrita fusconotus Pale-fronted Negrofinch - Nigrita luteifrons Mountain Firetail - ...

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Pale-fronted Nigrita Nigrita luteifrons Grey-headed Nigrita Nigrita canicapillus Shelley's Oliveback Nesocharis shelleyi White-collared Oliveback Nesocharis ansorgei

Estrildidae - Pets Animals Lover Information World
Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch, Nigrita bicolor Pale-fronted Negrofinch, Nigrita luteifrons Grey-headed Negrofinch, Nigrita canicapilla ; Olivebacks, genus Nesocharis

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Nigrita (Greek: Νιγρίτα), is a town and a ... Nigrita Strickland, 1843 Species. N. fusconotus; N. bicolor; N. luteifrons; N. canicapillus

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Pale-fronted Negrofinch Nigrita luteifrons: resident 1999 present [units unknown] - A3 Least Concern Western Bluebill Spermophaga haematina

Ghana Wildlife Division : National Wildlife Reserves
... Bubo lacteus and Sun Lark Galerida modesta), and some of the forest-edge birds in the south-west, such as the little-known Pale-fronted Negrofinch Nigrita luteifrons ...

ABC Checklist of African Birds - version history
Nigrita luteifrons Pale-fronted Negrofinch becomes Pale-fronted Nigrita Nigrita canicapillus Grey-crowned Negrofinch becomes Nigrita canicapilla Grey-crowned Nigrita

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Fraser's Eagle Owl Bubo poensis, Spotted Honeyguide Indicator maculatus, Pale-fronted Negrofinch Nigrita luteifrons and many others saw their range extended north to Kyabobo ...

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Nigrita bicolor: Chestnut-breasted Negro-finch Nigrita luteifrons: Pale-fronted Negro-finch Nigrita canicapillus: Grey-headed Negrofinch Grey-crowned Negrofinch

Table of Contents for Clement, P.: Finches and Sparrows: An ...
132 Chestnut-breasted Negro-finch Nigrita bicolor 327 133 Pale-fronted Negro-finch Nigrita luteifrons 328 134 Grey-headed Negro-finch Nigrita canicapilla 329

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Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch, Nigrita bicolor; Pale-fronted Negrofinch, Nigrita luteifrons; Grey-headed Negrofinch, Nigrita canicapilla; Olivebacks, genus Nesocharis

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Malimbus rubricollis. Woodhouse’s Antpecker. Parmoptila woodhousei. Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch. Nigrita bicolor. Pale-fronted Negrofinch. Nigrita luteifrons

A List of Dzanga Sangha Birds |
Nigrita canicapilla Grey-headed Negrofinch R, F: Nigrita luteifrons Pale-fronted Negro-finch R, F: Nigrita fusconota White-breasted Negro-finch R, F

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Nigrette à Front Jaune [French]: Nigrita luteifrons; Nigrette à Front Jaune [French]: Nigrita luteifrons luteifrons; Nigrette à Ventre Blanc [French]: Nigrita fusconotus

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Nigrita canicapilla: Ghana Nigrita fusconota: Ghana Nigrita luteifrons: Ghana Ortygospiza atricollis: Ghana Parmoptila rubrifrons =438 3

Waxbills (Estrildidae) | the Internet Bird Collection
1 8 13 Pale-fronted Negrofinch (Nigrita luteifrons) 2 3 8 14 Grey-headed Negrofinch (Nigrita canicapillus) 1 8 15 Angola ...

... III GH) =421 Mandingoa nitidula (III GH) =423 Nesocharis capistrata (III GH) Nigrita bicolor (III GH) Nigrita canicapilla (III GH) Nigrita fusconota (III GH) Nigrita luteifrons (III ...

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